I’ve written and contributed to the following blogs and articles on science, art and society.


Climate Council
Keep cool this back to school

Lateral Magazine
Sticky Fictions

Science Book A Day
Review: 5 Qestions – Science and Religion
Review: Pheromone – the insect artwork of Christopher Marley
10 Great Books on Scientific Illustration

Wild Melbourne
At Lands End
Art Among Trees

The Conversation: science briefs
Small fish big aggression
No sex for nematodes leads to loss of genes
Creating cyborg cockroaches
Immortal devil disease
Asteroid belt evolution key to life
When nanoparticles almost touch
Plants can recognise pathogens
Doing the causality time warp
Fear makes things appear closer
Taping together quantum computing
Brain has special storage for information on social rank
How proteins unwind RNA
Building synthetic proteins
When avoiding evolution works
Is AEG an ancient genetic molecule
Fly larva brain makes up for poor vision
Epigenetics involved in devil disease
Bird colouration may be explained by vision
Synchronised brain waves hold visual memory
Evolutionary tree of all living birds
TFIIB protein plays a role in repairing DNA damage
Self assembling cancer-targeting nanoparticles
Female komodo dragons trade years for young
Why monkeys are fascinated with violence
Creating genetic circuits
The link between hands and hearing
Mimicking butterfly wings
High infertility in captive endangered birds
From elephant sized to mouse sized in just 2 milion generations
Microscopic structure makes urchin’s spines strong
Insects drive rapid plant evolution
Resetting our body clocks for Mars
Why we get bored
Asteroid dust to shield against climate change
Honey bees exile mite infested larvae
Evolution in action
Analysis of ant olfactory system


Meet Boston Dynamics ls3 – the latest robotic war machine
Explainer: what is chaos theory?
Explainer: what is an isotope?
Explainer: what is a null hypothesis?
What makes a good scientific illustration?
Who controls the internet?
Plumbing the depths: the search for water in our solar system and beyond
Explainer: why is the sky blue?
Explainer: what are quarks?
Besieged by destructive plants and animal? blame epigenetics
Explainer: what is biogeography?
Is psychology a science?
Eye to the past: vision may be older than previously thought
Invisible fish could light the way to better optical devices
Explainer: what is bioinformatics?
People plus: is transhumanism the next stage in our evolution?
3D printing? make mine a mollusc
Explainer: what is radiocarbon dating and how does it work?
Big data poses big questions, so how do we answer them?
As easy as A, B… humans and other primates are blood brothers
Hallowed be thy ipad mini – is the cult of apple eternal?